Waterless Snow Globe

This craft is inspired by Anthropologie and many other versions can be found on Pinterest and the blog-sphere.

globe materials

Materials needed:

  • mason jars or cleaned up food jars
  • hot glue (E-6000 or any other permanent glue works well too)
  • fake snow (I bought a bag from Michael’s)
  • mini christmas trees (I bought mine from the dollar store)
  • ribbon


  • glue the tree to the inside of the jar lid (if the tree is too tall for the jar, you need to do a little tree trimming)
  • put a small amount of fake snow in the jar (you will be tempted to put a lot in, but you don’t want to burry the tree in snow)
  • screw the lid onto the jar
  • tie a bow around the base of the jar

And you’re done!

finished globes

These are a few of my finished snow globes. I like the mismatched jars! I used both white satin ribbon and white eyelet ribbon.

Some different ideas:

  • using the glittered snow from Michaels
  • adding glitter to the tree
  • adding mini lights or ornaments to the tree



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