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Valentine’s Postcards

I wanted to send a few Valentine’s cards this year so instead of buying some, I decided to make my own. And I found the perfect printable! These hand drawn postcards are so adorable; click here. This was the perfect rainy day, lounging in bed craft.


I decided to print out four of the white cards and then add a little color to them with my prismacolor pencils. And here’s how they turned out…


Since I didn’t have any envelopes, I decided to actually send them as postcards. So I got out my ruler and drew on the back of the cards (I had to get out of bed and move to my desk for this step haha).


Voila!! The perfect Valentine ♥


Christmas frame wreath


Just whipped up this soon to be wreath; all it needs is a chunky satin ribbon to hang it up on the door. The frame is from the dollar tree (originally black), I made the felt flowers, the mini ornament is from Michaels, and I shrunk the sign down from a banner I found online.

Dollar Store Christmas Craft



  • 5X7 frame from the dollar tree (any size would work, just resize the pdf)
  • white card stock
  • download the PDF file: text santa

I saw something similar to this on online, but decided to make it myself. I found this font on dafont.com, and many, many others! This particular font is called Misunderstood.


Print out the PDF file and cut out the image to fit your frame. For my 5×7 frame I kept one inch one the top, one inch on the bottom, and 7/16th on each side of white card stock. like this: